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All data is extracted from OpenStreetMap raw data dumps and licensed under the Open Database License.


Extracted addresses in "tsv" format (tab separated values). Includes administrative areas, postal codes, streets and houses with geocoordinates.

Streets: all streets in the country having a name. Note that highways with identifiers like "A1" may or may not be included depending on how they are tagged in the raw data. Also, if a street crosses multiple administrative boundaries, only the main one will be listed. For example, if a street joins two cities, it will be listed under a single city: the one containing the street centroid. However, if the street is tagged as multiple road sections in the raw data, it may appear in both.

Houses: all houses in the country with a housenumber and geocoordinates. Note that the coverage may vary wildly from region to region.

Addresses: streets with house number ranges. Unlike the streets dataset, the street might appear in multiple cities or postal code areas with corresponding house number range and street side (odd or even house numbers belonging to different administrative/postal areas).

Flag Country code Name Streets Houses Addresses
{{c.code}} {{}} {{c.code}}-streets.tsv.gz {{c.addresses_streets_size}} {{c.code}}-houses.tsv.gz {{c.addresses_houses_size}} {{c.code}}-addresses.tsv.gz {{c.addresses_addresses_size}} Log

Country dumps

Full data country extracts of OpenStreetMap as osm.pbf files.

Note that ways crossing the country borders are included, while areas that are not fully within the country are dropped.

Providing country extracts as geojson file format would be possible too. Sponsor me and it might come one day.

Flag Country code Name PBF GeoJSON Borders
{{c.code}} {{}} {{c.code}}.osm.pbf {{c.extract_pbf_size}} {{c.code}}.geo.jsonseq.bz2 {{c.code}}-borders.geojson.bz2

Points of interest

Not yet available. Sponsor me if you would like me to work on it.

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